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10/12/2007 18:53
Gotham Godfather is Batman ?…


… Ou : « Batmanimé par Satoshi Kon ? »

C’est ce qu’annonce cette news de chez Pour donner de la valeur ajouté au prochain Batman- The Dark Knight de Nolan, tout comme pour les Animatrix un ensemble de courts métrages animés dédiés à notre Chevalier de la Nuit va voir le jour. Ou plutôt donc: va voir la nuit. « L'animation est prise en charge par le studio Madhouse, mais également par Production IG et le Studio 4°C », mais Satoshi Kon « n'a pas encore été officiellement annoncé ». Ca fait rêver en tout cas et ... Quoi? Le visuel de la news n'a pas de rapport? Oh ben si, c'est du Kon et... Que? Il est où Batman?... On en a un beau de Batman, mais sinon z'avez qu'à imaginer que notre jolie Mima est en train de le regarder, Batman. Elle a les yeux noirs, tristes, mais comme disait Jack pendant son étrange Noël: "les citrouilles chantent et les chauves sourient". Donc tout va bien.

Arno Ching-wan

27/1/2006 19:51
En avaaant combattants de la lumièreuuuuuh...


.... nôôôtre viiiie vous l'avez entre vos maiiiins!!

Une suite américaine est bien au programme de leur programme Robotech à eux (et un peu à nous du coup), pour rappel un mélange des japonais Macross, Robotech - Seconde partie - Southern Cross et Robotech - Invasion Invid. La série s'appelle Robotech: The shadow Chronicles et une bande-annonce est disponible sur le site officiel. Les scènes de combat aérien ont l'air un brin statiques mais ça a l'air de suffisamment starwarzer pour qu'on s'y intéresse de près... Y'a intérêt, Mark Hamill parle dedans!!


Arno Ching-wan

11/5/2005 20:06
Good dog

pluto urasawa tezuka astro

Naoki Urasawa just received the Osamu Tezuka Cultural Grand Prize for his new manga Pluto (wich we're eager to see, here in Europe). To refresh memories, he already had received this award for Monster in 1999 where you could already find doctor Tenma... Despite the wordplay, Pluto has nothing to do with Mickey's dog...however it manages to resurrect with verve the Astroboy character created by Tezuka himself. The Shinsei (new hope) award was granted to Kono Fumiyo for Yunagi no Machi Sakura no Kuni (it's not the first award won by this short story about Hiroshima, by the way). The Short Story Award goes to Mainichi Kaasan (the story of a drinker mangaka with a family to manage, all of this narrated with humor in a diary way) and Jokyo Monogatari by Rieko Saibara. A Special Award was given to the Kawasaki City Museum.

Osamu Tezuka Cultural Grand Prize Official Website

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22/9/2003 23:50
Anime : McDull sequel and others...


McDull - The Pineapple Bun Prince doesn't change a winning team : director Yuen Kun-To and producer Brian Tse are in charge of the McDull sequel which is due to 2004.This second animated movie should be focused on the father, Mc Bing, in a similar 2D/3D mix style. Trailer in 56k and in 300k.

Farm Boy Azhi is a Chinese animated movie produced by Animation Workshop studio and directed by Buck Mok. The animation (2D in a cell-shading technique) is very simple and a very Chinese design is used for a pleasant visual result. Trailer in 56k and 300k

Dragon Blade, directed by Anthony Szeto, is the first HK animated movie in full 3D ever produced. If we are far from the technical level of the latest 3D productions, the project remains interesting in his intentions. The plot seems to be typically inspired by kung fu and wu xia universe… Trailer available on the official website.


1/8/2003 2:29
Ghost in the Shell, Innocence : Trailer !!

gits innocence

First indirect footage preview of GITS, Innocence is now available on the web. Its a one minute trailer seen in japaneses theaters and despite a low video quality, this sequence looks very exciting. Check it quickly 'cause this file can be removed at any time...

Thanks to, and Ray from the IG Prod. forum


28/5/2003 0:00
New Steamboy teaser !

steamboy affiche
Tsuka proposes a new teaser of the upcoming (October 2003 in Japan) Otomo's animated movie, Steamboy. You can check it on this page.


3/5/2003 1:12
Steamboy teaser

steamboy poster

Awaited since many years, the new Katsuhiro Otomo movie (Akira) is finally revealed after a chaotic production. Catsuka proposes the first teaser of this animated movie located in a steampunk universe (alternative past during the 19th century of the industrial revolution). Steamboy is set to be released in October 2003, simultaneously in Japan and the United States according to Bandaï.