older updates

The Blade : HK Video Edition

The french editor HK Video has released a simple and a collector edition of the Tsui Hark masterpiece. Florent was convicted by the quality of these editions.

Interview: Fortune Star

A new interview focused this time on a more technical aspect of cinema. Fortune Star is now one of the best DVD editors in Hong Kong, with the stunning quality of its boxsets. Peter Poon, general manager of FS, talked with us about the present and high-def future of movie distribution.

Double interview: Wilson Yip / Matthew Chow

More and more interviews to come on Cinemasie, with this week the dynamic duo director Wilson Yip / scriptwriter Matthew Chow. A short and a long interview, on Juliet in Love, Bullets over Summer, Bio Zombie, and much more!

Andy Lau's month, final part

Archibald takes Andy Lau's birthday as the opportunity to publish his last selection of reviews, along with a quite detailed portrait of the Hong-Kongese star. Nothing less than 8 reviews plus the portrait...enjoy !

Andy Lau's Month, part 4

7 new reviews of Andy's movies with this time 3 Johnnie To's, two Andrew Lau's, and a Daniel Lee. Thriller, drama, romance, comedy, sci-fi, once again you should be able to find a movie fitting your tastes.