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One Night in Mongkok

main information

english title One Night in Mongkok
original title 旺角黑夜
aka Crossroad, One Nite in Mongkok
french titleUne Nuit Mongkok

cast & crew

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directorDerek YEE Tung-Sing - 爾冬陞
actorDaniel WU Yin-Cho - 吳彥組
Cecilia CHEUNG Pak-Chi - 張柏芝
Henry FONG Ping - 方平
Sam LEE Chan-Sam - 李燦森
Austin WAI Tin-Chi
PAU Hei-Ching
CHA Chuen-Yee
CHE Biu Law
NG Shui-Ting
Lawrence LAU Sek-Yin
Alexander CHAN Mong-Wah
Anson LEUNG Chun-Yat - 梁俊一
Ken WONG Hap-Hei - 王合喜
LAM Suet - 林雪
CHIN Ka-Lok - 钱嘉乐
Alex FONG Chung-Sun - 方中信
producerDerek YEE Tung-Sing - 爾冬陞
action director CHIN Ka-Lok - 钱嘉乐
composerPeter KAM Pau-Tat - 金培達
scriptwriterDerek YEE Tung-Sing - 爾冬陞
LONG Man Hong
editor CHEUNG Ka-Fai
cinematographerVenus KEUNG Kwok-Man

additional Info

production studioUniverse
classificationHong-Kong: Not suitable for children and young teenagers


Mongkok, one of the most densely populated areas in the world, is the hotbed of illicit business. Lai Fu (Daniel Wu), a farm boy from Mainland China, is hired as a killer and is forced to enter into the coincidence of gangs of Mongkok. Lai Fu by chance meets a call girl from his home village, Dan (Cecilia Cheung), and saves her from the gangsters. The arrival of Lai Fu tenses the police and the triad. Under flashy neon lights, Lai Fu and Dan are rummaged around in Mongkok by police and gangsters. Who will find them first, the lawful force or the lawless one?

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