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A Taste of Killing and Romance

main information

english title A Taste of Killing and Romance
original title 殺手的童話
aka A Tale of Killing and Romance

cast & crew

directorVeronica CHAN Ching-Yi - 陳靜儀
actorAndy LAU Tak-Wah - 劉德華
YIP Yuk-Ping
William SO Wing-Hong - 蘇永康
Waise LEE Chi-Hung - 李子雄
William TUAN Wai-Lun
TANG Siu-Chuen
POON Wang-Ban
Mark CHENG Ho-Nam - 鄭浩南
LAI Chi-San
John CHING Tung
Anita YUEN Wing-Yee - 袁詠儀
Lowell CHIK King-Man
YU Kwok Lok
CHOH Chung-Sing
Christine NG Wing-Mei - 伍詠薇
Henry FONG Ping - 方平
action directorStephen TUNG Wai - 董瑋
composerRaymond WONG Ying-Wah
scriptwriter CHEUK Bing
Veronica CHAN Ching-Yi - 陳靜儀

additional Info

classificationHong-Kong: Not suitable for children


Ko, a crime syndicate. "ICE" runs the syndicate. Ice is in love with Judge but he refuses her advances Judge meets and falls in love with Ice's sister. Ru-fung. Ice orders her sister to kill Judge after their three-day tryst. Ice reveals Ru-Fung's order to Judge but tells him the "hit was ordered by a Godfather named Tiger". Multiple deceptions and murders, fast-paced action and a tearful love story all combine beautifully to show that a Little Taste of Killing and Romance goes a long, long way.

(source: DVD)

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