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Memories of Murder

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english title Memories of Murder
original title 살인의 추억

cast & crew

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director BONG Joon-Ho - 봉준호
actor SONG Kang-Ho - 송강호
KIM Sang-Gyeong - 김상경
SONG Jae Ho - 송재호
KIM Loi-Ha - 김뢰하
SHIM Seong-Bo - 심성보
SHIN Dong-Hwan - 신동환
KWON Byeong-Kil - 권병길
PARK No-Shik - 박노식
KWON Hyeok-Pung - 권혁풍
CHOI Hyeon-Gi - 최현기
YU Seung-Mok - 유승목
SEO Yeong-Hwa - 서영화
KIM Ju-ryeong - 김주령
SON Jin-hwan - 손진환
JEONG In-Seon - 정인선
JEON Mi-Seon - 전미선
PARK Hae-Il - 박해일
BYEON Hee Bong - 변희봉
KO Seo-Hee - 고서희
RYU Tae-Ho - 류태호
PARK Hyeon-yeong - 박현영
SON Jin-Ho - 손진호
BAEK Bong-Ki - 백봉기
LEE Jae-Eung - 이재응
action director JEONG Chang-Hyeon - 정창현
composer IWASHIRO Taro
scriptwriter SHIM Seong-Bo - 심성보
BONG Joon-Ho - 봉준호
artistic director RYU Seong-Hee - 류성희
editor KIM Seon-Min - 김선민
cinematographer KIM Hyeong-Gu - 김형구
costumes CHOI Yun-Seon - 최윤선

additional Info

duration129 minutes
production studioSidus
distributorCJ Entertainment


Based on the true story of the first serial killings in Korea.

The body of a young woman is found brutally raped and murdered, and similar crimes continue to occur. A special task force, joined by a detective from the Seoul and a local officer, is hence set up. In spite of the divergent investigation style, detectives trace that women wearing-red on a rainy day as the victim's profile. They try to set up a trap to forestall another murder. The next day, however, yet another woman is found murdered - with an umbrella speared through her pubis...

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