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Anna in Kung Fu Land

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Alain 3.5
Anel 3
François 2.75 Decent Shaolin Soccer rip-off
jeffy 4
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Decent Shaolin Soccer rip-off

This Shaolin Soccer like is not great for sure, but it's not so bad if you don't expect great kung-fu or comedy. The quiproquos are often silly, but at least you smile. The kung-fu part is quite poor technically speaking, but the special effect makes it look like a videogame.

The romance part is not worse than in most of the movies of this kind, and there are some funny jokes about men/women relation and chinese kung-fu. Miriam is acting quite well (even if she will never have an award for this), and Ekin is definately having fun now, it's not Mr Cool Face anymore.

It's difficult to really recommend it, but for fans of silly comedies with some silly romance and cheap kung-fu, it's a decent entertainer.

21 March 2004
by François

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