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Anna in Kung Fu Land

main information

english title Anna in Kung Fu Land
original title 安娜與武林
aka Anna And Shaolin

cast & crew

directorRaymond YIP Wai-Man - 葉偉文
actorMiriam YEUNG Chin-Wah - 楊千嬅
Denise HO Wan-Si
Race WONG Yuen-Ling - 黃婉伶
Ekin CHENG Yee-Kin - 鄭伊健
Rosanne WONG Yuen-Kwan - 黃婉君
CHA Chuen-Yee
LEE Lik-Chi - 李力持
KURATA Yasuaki
LAU Kar Wing
Tats LAU Yi-Tat
HUI Siu-Hung - 許紹雄
CHEUNG Tat-Ming - 張達明
Cole ZHAO Xuefei
WONG Yau-Nam - 黄又南
Mandy CHIANG Nga Man - 蔣雅文
composer CHAN Kwong-Wing - 陳光榮
scriptwriter CHAN Hing-Kar - 陳慶嘉

additional Info

production studioUniverse
production studioHe Nan Film Studio


Kin, a senior executive of a PR company, organizes a martial art competition for his major client. It not only attracted the kung fu factions, Hollywood film producers come all the way from US to find new martial artist Anna, a martial art disciple also joins the competition to become a movie star. When she meets Kin, she deeply falls for him. When Anna finds out the producer picks another girl for filming, Anna is extremely disappointed and decides to give up. But finally she is touched by Shaolin master and devotes to fight for the championship...

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