Les répliques mémorables

A Toute Epreuve
All About Ah-Long
Les Anges Déchus
Aniki mon frère
Baby Cart I: Le Sabre de la Vengeance
Beyond Hypothermia
The Big Score
Black Mask
Black Rain
Blade 2
Boys are Easy
La Brassiere
The Bride With White Hair
Bullet Ballet
Cheap Killers
Chicken and duck talk
Chungking Express
Claws of steel
Crying Freeman
Dr Wai
Duel to the Death
Ebola Syndrome
Fat Choi Spirit
Le feu de la vengeance
Final Justice
Fist of Legend
Le Flic de Hong-Kong
From Riches to Rags
Full Contact
Full Moon in New York
La Fureur de Vaincre
La Fureur du Dragon
Le gagnant
Galaxy Express 999
Gen X Cops
Gigolo and Whore
Golden Swallow
GTO, Great Teacher Onizuka
Happy Together
Himalaya, l'enfance d'un chef
Holy Weapon
In the Mood for Love
Infernal Affairs
Infernal Affairs 3
Iron Monkey
Iron Palm
Jackie Chan dans le bronx
Juliet in Love
Ken le survivant
The Killer
Killing Me Tenderly
King of Comedy
The Longest Nite
Looking For Mr Perfect
Love on Delivery
Le Marin des Mers de Chine
Mekhong Full Moon Party
Mes voisins les Yamada
My Left Eye Sees Ghosts
Nausicaä de la vallée du vent
Nos Années Sauvages
Operation Dragon
Le Pacte des Loups
Police Story
The Powerful Four
Psychedelic Cop
La Rage du Tigre
Return to a better tomorrow
Ronde de flics à Pékin
Running out of Time 2
Sealed with a Kiss
Shaolin Soccer
The Street Fighter
Summer I love You
The Suspect
Le Syndicat du Crime
Le Syndicat du Crime 2
Time and Tide
Twelve Nights
Le vengeur
Wing Chun
Yes Madam !
Young and Dangerous The Prequel