Julian LEE Chi-Chiu
李 志超

Julian Lee is a name to remember for fans of independant and artistic movies. Photograph, writer, he has begun to adapt his own novels in 1999. His first movie, The Accident, has attracted some attention, and is followed in 2003 by a new adaptation, Night Corridor, with a casting mixing young promising actors (including Daniel Wu), and experienced supporting actors (Eddy Ko, Kara Hui). Both movies features interesting characters and atmospheres. We invite you to learn more about his work in the interview we had with him : Interview.
Julian Lee follows communication studies in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. After being graduated in 1984, he starts his career at the famous TV company, TVB, but begins to get well-known thanks to his writing skills. He writes articles in various newspapers and magazine, and begins also a photograph carrer. He leaves Hong-Kong to England in 1988 in order to follow photograph studies at the Royal College of Art of London.

Graduated in 1991, he works as an artist in Europe for several years. His works are shown all over Europe, and he works as a correspondent for HKgese newspapers at the same time. In 1996, he works with Wong Kar-Wai on Happy Together as a photograph, before going back to Hong Kong in 1997. He adapts one of his novels to the big screen with The Accident in 1999, followed by Night Corridor, also adapted from his novel, in 2003.

Source: site officiel Night Corridor. He is currently teaching photography in one of the universities of Hong-Kong.

Sources: Night Corridor Website

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