金 峰
Gam Fung / Kam Fung


Son of the famous Hong Kong cinema make-up artist Fang Yuan, he attends Chongqing University before moving to Hong Kong in 1949. He first appears in a movie in 1952, and thanks to his noted baby face, would carry on performing young parts for the following 20 years. He marries actress Shen Yun but is mostly associated with Chung Ching. The duo appears in Angel of the Vineyard (1956), and is so successful that 10 other "Chung-Chin" musicals are produced in 1959. He signs up with the Shaw Brothers Company in 1962, and appears in 30 film in 12 years. Although he skilfully portrays the character known as Yu Wong the wizard in Chang Cheh’s diptychal adaptation of the classic The Water Margin, Chin Feng’s most remarkable performance is Griffin Yueh’s Silent Love (1970), for which he is given a special Golden Horse Award. He quits the movie business in the 1980s and is now retired in the US.

Sources: IVL DVD special features.

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