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Twin Dragons

main information

english title Twin Dragons
original title 雙龍會
french titleDouble Dragon

cast & crew

director TSUI Hark - 徐克
Ringo LAM Ling-Tung - 林嶺東
actorJackie CHAN Sing-Long - 成龍
Maggie CHEUNG Man-Yuk - 張曼玉
Mabel CHEUNG - 張婉婷
James HA Jim-Si
Stephen TUNG Wai - 董瑋
James WONG Jim - 黃霑
Gordon CHAN Ka-Seung - 陳嘉上
Jamie LUK Kim-Ming
Johnny CHEUNG Yiu Wah
Joe CHEUNG Tung-Cho - 張同祖
LAU Kar Wing
Clifton KO Chi-Sum - 高志森
Teddy YIP Wing-Cho
Dennis CHAN Kwok-San
Tony CHING Siu-Tung - 程少東
Benny LAI Keung-Kuen
Guy LAI Ying-Chau
Johnny WANG Lung-Wei - 王龍威
Anthony CHAN Yau - 陳友
Teddy Robin KWAN - 泰迪羅賓
Nina LI Chi
David CHIANG - 姜大衛
TSUI Siu-Ming - 徐小明
Eric TSANG Chi-Wai - 曾志偉
Alfred CHEUNG Kin-Ting - 张坚庭
WU Ma - 午馬
Choh YUEN - 楚原
Sylvia CHANG Ai Chia - 張艾嘉
Phillip CHAN Yan-Kin - 陳欣健
Jacob CHEUNG Chi-Leung
John WOO Yu-Sen - 吳宇森
David WU Tai Wai
WONG Jing - 王晶
Lowell LO Koon-Ting
LIU Chia-Liang - 劉家良
Ringo LAM Ling-Tung - 林嶺東
TSUI Hark - 徐克
Kirk WONG - 黃志強
NG See-Yuen
producer NG See-Yuen
action directorStephen TUNG Wai - 董瑋
Tony LEUNG Siu-Hung
TSUI Siu-Ming - 徐小明
YUEN Woo-Ping - 袁和平
scriptwriter TSUI Hark - 徐克
Barry WONG Ping-Yiu
Joe CHEUNG Tung-Cho - 張同祖

additional Info

production studioGolden Harvest


It's the Comedy of Errors Hong Kong style as Jackie Chan does his take on Van Damme's Double Impact. Chan plays both Boomer and John Ma, twins seprarated at birth. The former is a streetwise HK race car driver, the latter a classical pianist and conductor. Boomer is in trouble with Boss Wing's triad. If he doesn't do them a favor they'll off his diminuitive friend Tyson. John has returned to Hong Kong for the first time to conduct a symphony. Can you see where this one is going? At first they aren't aware each other even exist, which causes no end of confusion, especially amongst prospective girlfriends Barbara (Maggie Cheung) and Tammy (Nina Li Chi). Even after they find out the truth things don't get any better. In a hilarious scene Boomer ends up having to conduct the symphony while John gets stuck driving in a plan to spring Boss Wing's boss from police custody. The two finally manage to get it together and go to deal with the bad guys in typical Chan-esque fashion, this time in a spectacular battle in a car testing plant.

(source : DVD)

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