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Turn Left, Turn Right

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english title Turn Left, Turn Right
original title 向左走 向右走

cast & crew

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directorJohnnie TO Kei-Fung - 杜琪峰
WAI Ka-Fai - 韋家輝
actorGigi LEUNG Wing-Kei - 梁詠琪
KANESHIRO Takeshi - 金城武
Edmund CHEN Dr. Wu
HUI Siu-Hung - 許紹雄
LAM Suet - 林雪
Terri KWAN Wing - 關穎
producerJohnnie TO Kei-Fung - 杜琪峰
WAI Ka-Fai - 韋家輝
scriptwriter YAU Nai-Hoi
WAI Ka-Fai - 韋家輝
YIP Tin-Shing
artistic directorRaymond CHAN
Bruce YU Ka-On

additional Info

shooting studioMilkyway Image
production studioRaintree Pictures


Life is full of funny surprises and the protagonists of this entertaining movie Canto-pop singer GiGi? Leung and J-superstar Kaneshiro Takeshi are to find out just how wonderful this can be in "Turn Left Turn Right"! ! Dive into this fairy tale like story that was co-directed by Johnny To & Wai Ka Fai after ideas provided by bestseller novelist/artist Jimmy Liao's novel of the same name! Gigi Leung portrays Eve Choi a professional translator who is tired of translating only cheap literature, while Kaneshiro Takeshi plays John Liu a passionate violinist who never seems to find an audience that really respects his music.

The two main characters of the tale happen to live not only in the same town and the same street but also in the same building divided only by their private four walls. Yet, they never directly meet because one of them habitually always turns left, while the other one sticks to the right direction. Everything seems to take a miraculous turn for them both after their first encounter in a park that gets them to know each other better. But as luck would have it an afternoon shower cuts their rendezvous short and their exchanged phone numbers are no longer readable. Is their any way for this charming couple to get in touch again? Find out in this romance abounding silver screen treat

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