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Spiritual Love

main information

english title Spiritual Love
original title 鬼新娘

cast & crew

directorTaylor WONG Tai-Loi - 黃泰來
David LAI Dai-Wai
actor CHOW Yun-Fat - 周潤發
NG Hong Ning
HON Yee Sang
Cherie CHUNG Cho-Hung - 鍾楚紅
Pauline WONG Siu Fung
Deannie YIP Tak-Han - 葉德嫻
scriptwriterStephen SIU Yeuk-Yuen
executive producerRaymond CHOW Man Wai

additional Info

shooting studioGolden Harvest


Lao K (Chow Yun Fat), a loser, lives with his cousin Sai Chin Hua (Deannie Yip) who studies Feng Shui and Mao Shan. One day Lao K buys a desk from a second-hand shop and finds a suicide letter written by a girl Wei Hsiao Tieh (Cherie Chung) inside the desk. Lao K sympathizes with Tieh and replies her letter. After that, they start a human-ghost love affair.

Lao K has a greedy ex-girlfriend May (Pauline Wong) who wants to re-unite with him because her rich boyfriend just dumps her. However, Lao K is in love with Tieh and rejects May. May suicides for Lao K and becomes a ghost to retaliate to Lao K and Tieh

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