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Six Strong Guys

main information

english title Six Strong Guys
original title 六壯士
aka Six Strong Men

cast & crew

directorBarbara WONG Chun Chun - 黃真真
actorEkin CHENG Yee-Kin - 鄭伊健
Hacken LEE
Andy HUI Chi-On - 許志安
Karena LAM Ka-Yan - 林嘉欣
George LAM Chi-Cheung - 林子祥
Candy LO Hau-Yam - 盧巧音
Shaun TAM Chun-Yin - 谭俊彦
Chapman TO Man-Chat - 杜汶澤

additional Info

production studioFilmko Pictures
classificationHong-Kong: Not suitable for children and young teenagers


Being the center of society and family since the ancient time, though the modern world calls for equal-footings, men's stress and burden has been aggravated. This movie is about how 6 men fight against the bitters in their lives - Jumping down from the rooftop.

Long (Ekin Cheng) is fed with the stresses from his work; Chai is struggled between his wife and his puppy lover Ding (Karena Lam); Ben (Hacken Lee) is scared by the idea to get married with his steady girlfriend; Playboy Malcolm (Andy Hui) becomes impotence after knowing a woman has given birth a son for him; Young Shaun loses his game in the virtual world and Rico, who is a successful man icon, also wants a jump. What the men nowadays can do to deal with the stresses in life? And would they learn the meaning of life after this?

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