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No Compromise

main information

english title No Compromise
original title 赤膽情

cast & crew

directorBilly CHAN Wui-Ngai
actorCarol CHENG Yu-Ling - 鄭裕玲
David LAM Wai
Stephen CHANG Kwong-Chin
Mary HON Ma-Lei
KAM Hing-Yin
Billy LAU Nam-Kwong - 樓南光
Pauline WONG Siu Fung
SHING Fui-On - 成奎安
WU Ma - 午馬
Ken LO Hui Kwong
Monica LO Suk-Yee
Danny LEE Sau-Yin - 李修賢
Money LO Man-YiMillie Pang
action director LEE King Chue
scriptwriterTommy SHUM Sai-Sing

additional Info


Inspector Lee finds no way to get his wife's support on his work, and he cannot capture Lam and Wong, the dangerous couple who always escape from the police's trace either. This time, Wong has to give birth to a baby. In view of the baby's poor condition, the couple runs away leaving the child behind. However, Wong finally dies of excessive loss of blood and Lam cannot get back his son too. Lam becomes ruthless and seizes Inspector Lee's son in exchange for his own.

(source: DVD)

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