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My name is fame

main information

english title My name is fame

cast & crew

directorLawrence LAU Kwok-Cheong - 劉國昌
actor LAU Ching-Wan - 劉青雲
Fruit CHAN Goh - 陳果
LAU Tan - 劉丹
Tony LEUNG Ka-Fai - 梁家輝
Jamie LUK Kim-Ming
Fiona SIT Hoi Kei - 薜凱琪
Edmond SO Chi-Wai
Derek TSANG Kwok Cheung
Stephen TUNG Wai - 董瑋
Candy YU On-On - 余安安
HUO Si-Yan
Wayne LAI Yiu-Cheung - 黎耀祥
Jo KUK Cho-Lam - 谷祖琳
KU Feng - 谷峰
Gordon CHAN Ka-Seung - 陳嘉上
Ekin CHENG Yee-Kin - 鄭伊健
Samson CHIU Leung-Chun - 趙良駿
Calvin CHOI Yat-Chi
Remus CHOI Yat-Kit
Niki CHOW Lai-Kei - 周麗淇
Vincent CHUI Wan-Sun - 崔允信
Henry FONG Ping - 方平
Ann HUI On-Wah - 許鞍華
producerSteven LO Kit-Sing
Henry FONG Ping - 方平
composerHenry LAI Wan-Man - 黎允文
scriptwriterJames YUEN Sai-Sang - 阮世生
production designerKenneth MAK Kwok-Keung

additional Info

duration93 minutes
production studioChina Entertainment
classificationHong-Kong: Not suitable for children


Pn Ka Fai had reached the summit of his career in his 20s - he was awarded the best new male actor academy award. Fai believed that his success was a result of his own efforts and expertise. He became more and more fastidious and pertinacious, As a result, Fai's career and popularity declined, Fai was very depressed. He then became the leader for temporary actors, and coincidentally, he met Ng Hiu Fei (Fei), a girl who was very devoted to acting. Fei was willing to try and take up every opportunity, and she was not afraid of suffering. He decided to teach her his secret acting techniques. Fai was influenced by Fei and had rebuild his devotion for acting, by which he marketed himself to film directors for taking a role in their films.

When Fai realized he fell in love with Fei, Fei has to leave Fai to go to Japan to start her journey to a superstarů

original title 我要成名

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