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The Monkey Goes West

main information

english title The Monkey Goes West
original title 西遊記

cast & crew

director HOH Mung-Wa
actor LI Ying
NAM Wai Lit
TSANG Choh-Lam
GO Bo Shu
Tina Chin Fei
CHENG Pei-Pei - 鄭佩佩
KU Feng - 谷峰
PENG Peng - 彭鵬
FAN Mei Sheng - 樊梅生
YUEH Hua - 岳華
HO Fan
Diana CHANG Chung Wen - 張仲文
producerRun Run SHAW
scriptwriter CHENG Kang

additional Info

production studioShaw Brothers 邵氏


By order of Emperor Tai Tsung, Tang Hsuan-chuang, also known as Tripitaka, leaves for the West with his attendants in search of certain scriptures.

After several days of arduous trekking, the group reaches a forest at sundown and camps for the night. To his consternation, Tripitaka finds all his men have been devoured by wild beasts during the night, and he himself made prisoner of the King of Demons. He manages to flee the devilís clutches and starts scaling the Five-Finger-Mountain in pitch darkness. He spots Money King, Sun Wu-kung, who has been imprisoned under rocks for several thousand years. Tripitaka sets him free. In gratitude, Monkey subdues the Dragon Prince and gives his White Dragon Steed to Tripitaka for the long and dangerous journey ahead. The grateful Monkey, now converted by the Goddess of Mercy, decides to follow Tripitaka to the West.

While passing through Kao Chia Chang, Tripitaka finds a wounded scholar by the roadside. Apparently, Pigsy, a wolf in disguise, plots to take the scholarís lover, Miss Kao, by force. Monkey goes to the girlís village and breaks into her boudoir to rescue her. He tells the girl to pretend she is willing to wed Pigsy.

On the wedding day, Pigsy uses magic to turn human for the occasion. However, Monkey who is disguised to substitute for the bride traps him. He breaks free from the crowd and runs for his life but is taken prisoner by Monkey.

Lord Kao agrees to let his daughter marry the poor scholar. Tripitaka persuades Pigsy to reform. The converted Pigsy pleads with Tripitaka to take him as another follower to the West. Tripitaka agrees and changes his name to Pa-chieh. The master and his two disciples continue their journey through rugged terrain. One day, they come across a house in serene surroundings. A young woman who says she is newly widowed greets the strangers. She shows great care in treating Tripitaka. Her hospitality arouses Monkeyís suspicion. He puts Pigsy on guard duty. As both Tripitaka and Monkey slumber, Pigsy tiptoes out to the backyard and is enthralled by a lovely fantasy - the pretty widow and eight nude maidens playing in a pool. The daydreaming Pigsy is caught red-handed by the widow. Under duress, he helps her steal a charm from Tripitaka. With it, she first bewitches Monkey and then takes Tripitaka away with her to Sandy, King of the River of Flowing Sands, who demands his life. Pigsy and Monkey dash to the spot to rescue their master. Monkey manages to enter a heavily guarded fortress where the priest is just about to be dismembered by Sandy and the widow. Monkey repulses the enemy and hands the master over to Pigsy, while he continues to battle the pursuing outlaws. Tripitaka saves Sandy from Monkey who has already slaughtered the widow. Sandy repents. His tearful words move the master and he is accepted as the third disciple. Mounting the White Dragon Steed, the master and his three followers continue their journey to the West

source : celestial

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