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The Masked Prosecutor

main information

english title The Masked Prosecutor
original title 夜叉

cast & crew

directorHerman YAU Lai-To - 邱禮濤
actorLouis KOO Tin-Lok - 古天樂
Tony HO Wah-Chiu - 何華超
LO Meng - 羅莽
LAM Chi-Sin
Frankie NG Chi-Hung
Michael TSE Tin-Wah
Jessica HESTER
Grace YIP Pui-Man - 葉佩雯
Jordan CHAN Siu-Chun - 陳小春
Blacky KO Sau-Leung - 柯受良
producerSharon YEUNG Pan-Pan - 楊盼盼
cinematographerJoe CHAN Kwong-Hung
executive producer NAM Yin

additional Info

classificationHong-Kong: Not suitable for children and young teenagers


A mysterious person with a ghostly mask appears and whips the criminals who have not been convicted by court. People call him the masked prosecutor. A young detective Lun investigates the case and discovers that the masked prosecutor was a brilliant policeman previously. But this policeman committed a serious mistake in an operation. He was fired and imprisoned. After releasing, he has become a lonely and angry masked prosecutor.

(source: DVD)

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