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Love is a Many Stupid Things

main information

english title Love is a Many Stupid Things
original title 精裝追女仔2004
aka Romancing Star 2004 / Infernal Unfairs

cast & crew

director WONG Jing - 王晶
actorRosanne WONG Yuen-Kwan - 黃婉君
Matthew CHOW Hoi-Kwong - 鄒凱光
WONG Tin-Lam
Max MOK Siu-Chung - 莫少聪
Stanley FUNG Shui-Fan
Jerry LAMB Hiu-Fung - 林曉峰
Athena CHU Yun - 朱茵Brittany
Gobby WONG Ga-Ying
Race WONG Yuen-Ling - 黃婉伶
Nat CHAN Pak-Cheung - 陳百祥
Shirley YEUNG Ka Man - 楊嘉雯
Eric TSANG Chi-Wai - 曾志偉
Chapman TO Man-Chat - 杜汶澤
Shawn YU Man-Lok - 余文樂
Raymond WONG Ho-Yin - 黃浩然
Teresa MAK Ka-Kei - 麥家琪
Belinda HAMMET
Candy YU On-On - 余安安
WONG Jing - 王晶
cinematographer FUNG Yuen-Man

additional Info

classificationHong-Kong: Not suitable for children and young teenagers


After making the blockbuster "Romancing Star" in the late 80s, director Wong Jing has produced today the same kind of movie using the same title. The story is about Lek, a police superintendent, who is determined to get rid of the triad boss Lobster and his gang Sam Tsang, who took Maria from him in the old days. Lek sends Bad Boy, Fattie and Silly Keung to be the undercovers in the gang and promises a huge bonus if they can get them. The three of them do whatever they can to win Sam's confidence. During the operation, they meet Dee, the undercover gangster who worked in the police force, and three gorgeous policewomen, Beau, Fridge and Angel, whom they had a crush on at first sight. However, the three girls think they're gangsters and turn the three guys down. The 3 agents therefore start a hilarious courting mission...

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