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Love For All Seasons

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Alain 2
Anel 2.75
François 2.75 Enough originality to make it enjoyable
jeffy 2
Ordell Robbie 0.75
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Enough originality to make it enjoyable

Love for All Seasons isn't a masterpiece, just like any Chinese New Year flick. But it's not that bad either, the Milkyway Touch being enough to make it interesting.

Pros: the usual good quality of directing and acting, with a decent Sammie Cheng and a Louis Kool, the usual reference to another Milkyway flick (Running out of Time here), and a big chinese flavor mixing feelings and martial arts.

Cons: the typical cantonese humor doesn't hit the target each time, the last third part is sadly more conventional.

You can see that there are not so many cons, but the main lack comes at the end of the movie, which is never a good thing. That's a pity, as the beginning was quite engaging, with a good rythm and some very laughable scenes (Louis Koo singing, that's really something to see). It's also nice to see a movie playing with the codes of its own genre (the song by Louis being a nice parody of the usual cantopop song in this kind of movie). With a better ending, Love for All Seasons would have been a much more enjoyable comedy. Still very watchable however, and definately with a chinese flavor, so consider it.

14 April 2003
by François

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