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It had to be you

main information

english title It had to be you
original title 後備甜心

cast & crew

directorMaurice LO Hong-Hun - 盧弘軒
Andrew LEE Meng-Man - 李明文
actorEkin CHENG Yee-Kin - 鄭伊健
Karena LAM Ka-Yan - 林嘉欣
Eric TSANG Chi-Wai - 曾志偉
Bobo CHAN Man-Woon - 陳文媛
Harvey HU Bing - 胡兵

additional Info

production studioUFO
classificationHong-Kong: Not suitable for children


Jill is a very committed restaurant captain and she has been going out with Chi On for two years. Chi On is a dermatologist and a very caring person. He is an ideal husband and is always surrounded by lots of females. Chi On reckons that Jill is the one among all his girls that truly understands him. Jill holds the situation cool in the beginning as she know that she is of irreplaceable importance to Chi On' s heart and believes that she would be the one some day. When Jill discovers that Chi On is dished by his recent girlfriend, Helen, Jill is more than pleased. It would be her turn to become the one. Yet, before anything good happens, another new girl named Moon managed to seduce Chi On already. Jill is furious and vents it out on her new chef and partner, Jack, at the restaurant. Jack is a new migrant to Hong Kong. He came to Hong Kong to be near to his girlfriend, Grace, whom he thought was his bride to be. However, it turns out that Grace has another boyfriend that she has been going out for seven years. This put Jack and Jill on the same boat, their love is designated to undergo a stern test. After spending much time on the long and winding road in pursuit of love, both of them are able to find true love at the end.

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