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Heavenly Mission

main information

english title Heavenly Mission
original title Tin Hung Jeh
aka Sky Walker - Hoi Foot Tin Hung

cast & crew

directorJames YUEN Sai-Sang - 阮世生
actorEkin CHENG Yee-Kin - 鄭伊健
Julian CHEUNG Chi-Lam - 張智霖
Niki CHOW Lai-Kei - 周麗淇
HUO Si-Yan
Berg NG Ting-Wah
Alex FONG Chung-Sun - 方中信
TI Lung - 狄龍
Wayne LAI Yiu-Cheung - 黎耀祥
Stephen FUNG Tak-Lun - 馮德倫
composerHenry LAI Wan-Man - 黎允文

additional Info



Superintendent of Police Sung Kwok Ming (Alex Fong) just returned to Hong Kong from his training course in USA. His new mission is to set up a "Special Project Group", to carry out a series of actions and investigations. The main target of Sung is Yip Chow (Ekin Cheng) - the legendary triad leader, and Gwai Jai (Fung Tak Lun) - the newly emerge influential figure in the triads.

Yip was just released form his 8 years' imprisonment in Thailand. After returning to Hong Kong, Yip is determined to thoroughly reform himself from his past. However, Sung firmly believes that Yip intends to use his business empire as a camouflage for his illegal activities, and Yip will eventually show traces of criminal evidence...

On the other hand, Gwai Jai is worried that the building up of Yip's power will eventually threaten his benefits. Hence Gwai Jai is incessantly scheming to challenge Yip Chow!...Sung noticed that both Yip Chow and Gwai Jai are planning for actions, he then placed both victims under close surveillance with a hope to obtain their criminal evidence and arrest them...

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