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The Happiest Moment

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english title The Happiest Moment
original title 一樂也

cast & crew

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director LI Han-Hsiang - 李翰祥
actor CHIN Chun
KOK Lee-Yan
CHAN Shen - 詹森
WANG Han Chen
WONG Hap - 王俠
SAI Gwa-Pau
KU Feng - 谷峰
HU Chin
Tanny TIEN Ni - 恬妮
Michael HUI Koon-Man - 許冠文
scriptwriter LI Han-Hsiang - 李翰祥

additional Info

duration90 mins
production studioShaw Brothers 邵氏


(1) Ten Golden Pills Jen Lo-tien (Michael Hui Kwun-man) a lecherous old man with a passion for young women purchases 10 ‘golden pills’ from Hsiao Tsai whom he meets in a public bathhouse, and who convinces him of their strong aphrodisiac properties. The old man takes a pill and relaxes in the bathhouse until it starts taking effect. He then heads for the home of Hsiao Hung (Tanny Tien Ni) but his rickshaw is held up by a roadblock, and shortly after he arrives at Hsiao Hung’s home, the effect of the aphrodisiac wears off. He takes another pill which arouses his sexual desire to such an extent that he dies “in the act” from over exertion. Hsiao Hung is greatly alarmed and bribes the Police Superintendent to hush the matter up. Consequently, the superintendent comes up with an idea, which has to be seen to be believed.

(2) Be Very Careful Police Superintendent (Michael Hui Kwun-man) officiates at the opening of the “Ta Chung Hospital” and informs the gathering that he will personally supervise the section involved in checking prostitutes for V.D.. The superintendent has an affair with Mei I-hsiang (Hu Chin), who is married to Huang the Senior Medical Officer, and together they extort money from prostitutes wishing to avoid the V.D. check. On hearing of this malpractice, the Northern Chinese Authorities issue an order requesting officers to ‘explain their sources of income’, and the frightened superintendent quietly flees the country.

(3) Fun, Fun, Fun Hsiao Lu Tzu (Michael Hui Kwun-man) is employed as an apprentice by Lu Lien-shan (Chiang Nan), and his wife (Hu Chin) in their barber shop. Business is slack resulting in constant quarrelling between husband and wife, and very often the unfortunate apprentice becomes their target. One day, Han, the coffin shop boss (Wang Han-chen) returns home from the Hua Ching Chih Bath House feeling rather ill. His assistant, Hsiao Fu Tzu, immediately calls a doctor but Han dies. The cause of death is recorded as “heart failure due to sexual exertion”. The body is moved to the funeral parlour, and Hsiao Fu-tzu asks three friends including Lu Lien-shan to sit through the night with him. Lu sends his apprentice away. So when the four men are enjoying a game of mahjong, the corpse suddenly arises and chases them throughout the night.

Source : Celestial Picture

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