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Floating Landscape

It should be noted that the version presented on the Universe DVD is not exactly the same as the version played in theatres in Hong-Kong in October. The theatre version features the song of Karena Lam at the end of the movie, when the DVD version features the french song instead.

No big deal could you say, but those two songs are really different. The Karena's one is a nice song (probably the best of her recent album), but the tone and style doesn't really fit with the movie. This song would fit perfectly with a "lighter" drama, or a typical romantic HK film. As Floating Landscape is quite different from the usual HK romance, the song sounds a bit weird. The other song, used also in the menus of the DVD, fits much better with the mood of the movie, and makes it a much better ending.

Maybe there were some other changes between the theatre version and the DVD version, but I didn't watch the DVD version yet, except the ending. I will add more comments if there are more differences.

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