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Faithfully Yours

main information

english title Faithfully Yours
original title 最佳女婿

cast & crew

director WONG Wah-Lun
actorJacky CHEUNG Hok-Yau - 張學友
Max MOK Siu-Chung - 莫少聪
Sharla CHEUNG Man - 張敏
Stephen CHOW Sing-Chi - 周星馳
Richard NG Yiu-Hon - 吳耀漢
Lydia SHUM Tin-Ha - 沈殿霞
Teddy YIP Wing-Cho
WOO Fung

additional Info



Playboy barber, Happy Chan, opens up a fashionable news salon, right next door to an old-fashioned Shanghai barber shop. The owner, Chuk, is furious as this new development and creates a disturbance for Chan and his colleagues during their grand opening ceremony. Meanwhile, Chuk's pretty daughter, Ying, is forced to keep the peace. Chan and his friends all attempt to woo Ying, but end up getting drunk and falling asleep in her bedroom. Later, Ying discovers that she is pregnant, but no-one can remember which of the trio did the deed. Chan and his friends aspire to do the right thing, banding together to support her during her pregnancy until the true identity of the father can be determined. When the baby is born, it is discovered that all the prospective parents have the same blood type, and confusion begins anew.

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