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Welcome to Dongmakgol

main information

english title Welcome to Dongmakgol
original title 웰컴 투 동막골

cast & crew

director PARK Gwang-Hyeon - 박광현
actor JEONG Jae-Yeong - 정재영
SHIN Ha-Gyun - 신하균
KANG Hye-Jeong - 강혜정
KANG Hyeon-Jung - 강현중
RYU Deok-Hwan - 류덕환
JEONG Dae-Hun - 정대훈
JO Deok-Hyeon - 조덕현
KWON Oh-Min - 권오민
LEE Ran-Hee - 이란희
LEE Yeong-ih - 이용이
HAN Tae-su - 한태수
YU Seung-Mok - 유승목
JEONG Jae-jin - 정재진
IM Ha-Ryong - 임하룡
composer HISAISHI Joe - 久石譲
scriptwriter JANG Jin - 장진
KIM Jung - 김중
PARK Gwang-Hyeon - 박광현
artistic director LEE Jun-Seung - 이준승
editor CHOI Min-Yeong - 최민영
cinematographer CHOI Sang-Ho - 최상호
costumes KWON Yu-Jin - 권유진

additional Info

duration133 min
financing studioShowbox
production studioFilm It Suda


A fantasy set during the Korean War, Dongmakol is the name of an isolated village hidden so far up in the mountains that its inhabitants have no idea that Korea is being torn apart by a war just a few miles from their front doors. A band of North Korean ambush survivors, lost South Korean soldiers and a crashed American pilot all stumble across the village at the same time and have to put aside their differences in order to survive.

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