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Blood Brothers

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Alain 2
Anel 3.5
drélium 3.75
François 4 Excellent Chang Cheh, with an impressive trio
Ghost Dog 3.75
jeffy 4
Ordell Robbie 3.5
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Excellent Chang Cheh, with an impressive trio

Blood Brothers is a definition of what is a good Chang Cheh: a violent and cruel movie, quite moving thanks to touching characters, with an average directing and numerous fights. Of course there are some better movies in his filmography, but also a lot of worse. The directing is correct but far from Golden Swallow. The fights are globally good, but obviously some of them look a bit fake. But overall, this is a gripping drama with excellent actors.

This is clearly the greatest quality of this movie: excellent actors are required for a moving drama, and the magnificient trio is up to the challenge. Chen Kuan-Tai and David Chiang are perfectly used: Kuan-Tai for his physical strength and animal side (courageous but not very clever), David Chiang for his nonchalance (who doesn't know his little smile) and his perspicacity (same thing for his "Mmmm what's going on here" look). Kuan-Tai is clearly the most efficient fighter when it comes to kung-fu, while David is very obviously the less impressive. But his drama acting is convincing. Both them are topped by a marvellous Ti Lung, who recalls us that he was one of the finest actors ever seen in the 70's. Impressive with a sword, very expressive when it comes to the felling of his characters, he delivers an memorable performance.

Then you can add some nice landscapes, some excellent group fights, a very dramatic and cruel ending, some nice directing ideas (but also some less convincing ones...), and you have what any Chang Cheh should deliver. Recommended.

23 May 2003
by François