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Beyond Our Ken

2004-11-06 08:23
HK news: Pang Pang Pang

November will be a Pang month, as both Pang Brothers Oxyde and Danny will release their new movies, an action comedy with Ekin Cheng and Charlene Choi, Leave me Alone, and an horror thriller with 2R, Abnormal Beauty. To know more about those two movies, stay tuned on Cinemasie, some video should arrive soon.

But the directors with the three eyes are not the only "Pang" of the month, as the director of You shoot, I shoot and , Pang Ho Cheung, will also release his new movie. It's called Beyond Our Ken, it's a black comedy starring Gillian Chung and Daniel Wu, and it was presented in Tokyo International Festival . To discover the movie, we have prepared a "home made" teaser, which will be followed soon by more exclusive news. Enjoy!

Teaser Beyond our Ken
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