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Better Than Sex

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Neil 4.25 Very enjoyable Teen comedy
Tenebres83 2.25
Xavier Chanoine 2.75
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Very enjoyable Teen comedy

Despite myself I enjoyed this fun movie thats actually very funny in both a slapstick and a slightly more intelligent way.

Comparisons to both American Pie and the Korean movie Sex Is Zero is inevitable but I found Better Than Sex to be more original than both. The plot is cleverly set up to interweave various stories around the main one and thats what sets it apart to your usual teen sex comedies. It's almost Snatch-like in how coincidences bring them together..

The main character Lin is a loser in love, endowed with a huge manhood (which leads to some very funny scenes) and an addiction to porn books, from which he finds comfort. His friend the owner of a porn book store is a middle aged man still in love with a porn model from his younger days and on his death he leaves Lin clues on how to find her.

Interlinked with this story is some sketches involving 3 wannabe hoods who find a mysterious sword that gives them an orgasm whenever they touch it, and a news crew looking to do a documentary on uncontrolable youths (including some touching scenes of a grieving widower who is constantly reminded of his late wife). The wild youths they settle on are in fact two girls, friends of Lin one of whom went off the rails when her love for the main character went unrequited.

The beauty of all this is not just in the way it comes together, nor the funny if occasionaly graphic humour, although they are large elements, but that there is also a sweet message about love and sex running through the heart of this film that is never made as obvious as in many sex comedies.

If your in the mood for a little light comedy then this should suffice, but theres also something deeper if you care to look. Either way this Taiwanese movie is very funny, very sweet and highly recommended.

27 April 2004
by Neil

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