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Beauty and the Breast

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english title Beauty and the Breast
original title 豐胸秘CUP

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directorRaymond YIP Wai-Man - 葉偉文
actorFrancis NG Chun-Yu - 吳鎮宇
WONG Tin-Lam
WONG Yat-Fei - 黃一飛
LAM Chi-Chung
Matthew CHOW Hoi-Kwong - 鄒凱光
Sophie NGAN Chin-Man - 顏仟汶
Angela TONG Ying-Ying
Halina TAM Siu-Wan
Daniel WU Yin-Cho - 吳彥組
Michelle REIS - 李嘉欣
Gobby WONG Ga-Ying

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distributorMedia Asia


Mario works in an ointment company. He spends most of his time flirting with office girls or sucking up to the boss's son. The moment he catches sight of Yuki, a pretty woman who newly joins teh company, he makes a bet that he will win her heart. Pretending that he has brain tumor and is not long to live, he successfully duped her into falling in love with him. Meanwhile, the boss's son has decided to modernize his family business by replacing the obsolescent ointment with a whole new line of breast enlargement but is actually carcinogenic. He also finds out to the devastation of Yuki that Mario does not have any signs of brain tumor. In a fit of rage, Yuki resigns fm the company. With a truly effective breast enlargement product her father has invented, she has devised the perfect scheme to revenge against Mario and her unscrupulous ex-boss.

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