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2009: Lost Memories

main information

english title 2009: Lost Memories
original title 2009 로스트 메모리즈

cast & crew

director LEE Si-Myeong - 이시명
actor JANG Dong-Kun - 장동건
NAKAMURA Toru - 仲村トオル
SEO Jin Ho - 서진호
CHEON Ho-Jin - 천호진
KIM Gyoo-ri - 김규리
SON Se-Gwang - 손세광
AHN Kil-Kang - 안길강
HONG Seung-Il - 홍승일
WOO Sang-jeon - 우상전
JO Sang-Gon - 조상건
KIM Eung-Su - 김응수
SHIN Gu - 신구
KIM Min-Sun - 김민선camťo
IMAMURA Shohei - 今村昌平Professeur Ono
action director KIM Kwang-Su - 김광수
composer LEE Dong-Jun - 이동준
scriptwriter HYEON Nam-Seop - 현남섭
LEE Si-Myeong - 이시명
artistic director KIM Ki-Cheol - 김기철
KANG So-Yeong - 강소영
editor GYEONG Min-Ho - 경민호
cinematographer PARK Hyeon-Cheol - 박현철

additional Info

duration134 min
financing studioTube Pictures


In an alternate future, Japan has won World War II, and has chaged the future as we know it. The outcome has had a great impact on everything, and itís a completely different world in 2009 Lost Memories. It is a world in which Japan now has Korea under itís sphere of influence. An artifact exhibition hosted by the Inoue Foundation is layed seige to for an unknown purpose by an underground Korean anti-government group called the Hureisenjin. The two JBI (Japanese Bureau of Investigation) agents assigned to deal with the terrorist situation are special agents Sakamoto Masayuki (Jang Dong-Geun) and his close friend Saigo Shojiro (Toru Nakamura). After the raid, Sakamoto begins to investigate the case and begins to believe heís caught up in a conspiracy that leads him to believe that Seoul may not be a part of Japan and sets out on his own to find the truth. However what he finds may be beyond even he could imagine.

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