Interview Ti Lung


Some interview are more difficult to handle than others, for various reasons. To be a huge fan of your interlocutor is clearly not the best start, especially when it's a living legend like Ti Lung. To shoot the interview in very average conditions with a video camera that we don't know so well is another problem. The two caps that you can see below will show you the original material and what we finally manage to offer. The language differences are also a problem, between a Chinese and a French speaking a third language. Given all those problems, this interview is probably one of the most awkward we ever did on Cinemasie. So we hope you will forgive us for the shaking camera moves, the mobile phone ringing during the interview, the frenglish and some awkward questions of two fans spending half an hour a bit out of this world.

The interview

Note: if you can't watch the interview on this page, you can try to click on this link.

A 2004 remastered interview

To shoot in a hotel lobby is clearly not the best condition for an interview. To trust the viewfinder of a videocam is another bad idea. But to give you a video version of the interview is still a much better solution than a text one. So we spend quite some time playing with our video softwares before getting a decent image. We apologize for the quality which should have been much better, but we hope you will still be able to enjoy the content. Just below you can see two caps of the video, one before treatment, one after. Now we can say that we understand the hard work of people from Celestial Pictures or Fortune Star...

  • September 2005