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Difference Cinemasie/Musica
We can sell movies in the following countries:

Stage 1 : you add products in your shopping cart, and validate it. You receive an email confirming that we have received your order.

Stage 2 : you receive an email confirming the availability of the products (in stock, must be ordered, out of print). You can modify your order according to these availabilities. Shipping costs are confirmed.

Stage 3 : you send your payment if you pay by check or international money order.

Etape 4 : your order is shipped as soon as we have received your payment.

Why don't we indicate the quantity of each product?

We don't indicate the available quantity of each product as our stock is shared with another store. Most of the items are available, and we try to keep the info update on the site to warn you when an item is out of stock. We would like to underline the fact that the availability of a product cannot be guarantee at 100% , as some distributors may stop to distribute a movie at any time without previous warning.

That's why you always receive an email confirming the availability of each product you have ordered. You can then change your order by replacing or removing these titles.

How long does it take to receive my items once I have ordered ?

Once you have sent your order, you need to take into account:

-the time required to check the availability and prepare your package.
-if you choose to pay by check or international money order, the time before we receive your payment.
-the delivery time.

For example:

Order's processing:

Items are available: 1 day
We need to re-order them: around 7 working days

Delivery time for your payment:

You live in France : 1 to 3 working days
You live somewhere else in Europe : from 3 working days to a week
You live somewhere else in the world : from 5 working days to a week and a half

Shipping delay

You live in France: 2 to 3 working days
You live somewhere else in Europe: from 5 to 10 working days You live somewhere else in the world: from 7 to 12 working days

How can I pay ?

Cash card payment for any country

Musica is working in partnership with the BNP bank, which is providing us with a secured interface for your paiement.

Please note that the amount of your order will be withdrawn ONLY after your order has been shipped, never before. Also, if one item is out of print and you decide to remove or replace it after approval of your paiement card, you will be invoiced with the EXACT amount of your order.

For shippings inside France:

1/ CHECK at the order of MUSICA, sent to this address:

44 Avenue d'Ivry
75013 Paris

2/ Cash On Delivery (add 6.5 €)

For shippings in Europe

1/ Cash On Delivery (add 6.5 €), available only for some countries in Europe, please contact us for more information.

2/ International Money Order at the order of MUSICA, sent to this address:

44 Avenue d'Ivry
75013 Paris


How much will I pay for shipping costs?

All the shipping costs are calculated according to the weight of the items you have ordered. As we charge you according to the accurate weight of your package, we give you only an estimation of the shipping costs during your order. The shipping costs will be confirmed once your package is ready.

If you live in France:
The shipping mode is the COLISSIMO SUIVI, which means that your package is registered, insured and trackable. The tracking number of your package is available in the email confirming the shipping, and in your personal account on the website.

If you choose to pay with Cash On Delivery, you need to add 6.5 € to the shipping costs.

If you live anywhere else:
For all the other shippings, we use Colis Prioritaire International, which is also insured and registered.

Calculate your shipping costs:

Number of item units:

Your country:

Obviously, bigger items (such as double DVD, Collector Editions) can increase this estimation.

A movie I have ordered can't be read on my DVD player. Can I change it?

We don't change items, except if it is defectuous. By defectuous, we mean that the product can't be read on our players. Some DVDs can't be read on cheap DVD players, we try to put a notice about that when we know about it, but we can't test every DVD on every kind of player. If you want to change a DVD, the shipping cost to send it back to us will be at your charge.

Who is the vendor ? Musica or Cinemasie?

Cinemasie doesn't sell anything. We are collaborating with Musica to allow them to use our database to sell products.

The MUSICA company is immatriculated the Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés de PARIS under the following ID: 333 207 975.
MUSICA postal address:

44 Avenue d'Ivry
75013 Paris

If a mutual agreement can't be reached, all the contentions will be handled by the Courts of Paris.