Cowboy Bebop - No Disc

Album info
Title Cowboy Bebop - No Disc
Year 1998
Description Bande Originale
authorKANNO Yoko
Genre Instrumental
Duration 53'41"
Product info
Distributor Victor
Version CD
Reference VICL-60202
Album tracks
1American Money1'07"
2Fantaisie Sign5'19" Lyrics
3Don't Bother None3'39" Lyrics
4Vitamin A0'10"
5Live in Baghdad3'22"
6Cats on Mars2'44"
7Want it all Back4'01" Lyrics
9You Make me Cool3'11" Lyrics
10Vitamin B0'08"
11Green Bird1'53" Lyrics
13Vitamin C0'06"
15The Singing Sea4'39" Lyrics
16The Egg and You3'42"
17Forever You3'14"
18Power of Kung Food Remix5'28"
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