Il était une fois en Chine

Album info
Title Il était une fois en Chine
Year 1991
Description Bande Originale
interpreterJackie CHAN Sing-Long
authorJames WONG Jim
Genre Instrumental
Duration 47 min
Product info
Distributor Rock Records
Version CD
Reference GDC1019
Album tracks
1Being strong as a man4:32
2Being strong as a man2:55
3Morning Lightening1:52
4A wonderful encounter3:45
5Who rules the roost1:09
6Never ending pain3:49
7Music of the night1:06
8Truthful fight2:09
9The arrival of the mission4:23
10Being strong as a man4:23
11After the fire2:32
12Master Wong to the rescue3:14
13Gang attack2:12
14Thirteen Yee imprisoned1:09
15Leung Fun to the rescue2:04
16The champion challenges Master Wong4:06
17Final Theme3:38
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