DVD Collector 10th Anniversary Happy Together 6 in 1 edition
Kam & Ronson Entreprise. Co.Ltd - remastered edition

the movie

video 16/9 anamorphic
movie format : 1,77:1
languages cantonese Dolby Digital 5.1
cantonese DTS
subtitles chinese removable
english removable

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special features OST on distinct CD
menus Still menus

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disc Single Face Double Layer (DVD 9) NTSC
distributor Kam & Ronson Entreprise. Co.Ltd
release date 25/05/2006
remark The 10th Anniversary edition of Happy Together comes with: #a digitally remastered DVD with DTS sound # 24-bit soundtrack # 2 folded Happy Together "Re-Union" posters, namely the original Cannes version and the 1997-2006 10th Anniversary version # a set of 8 postcards # a Happy Together boxer # a lamp featuring the Iguazu Falls*, resembling that in the film. # a numbered certificate

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