DVD Shaolin Temple 2: Kids from Shaolin
Mei Ah 16:9 - remastered edition


Excellent image. Very sharp, with good colors and compression. There are some defaults due to a probably very damaged master, but globally the remastering is efficient. Not perfect, but very convincing.


Fans of original mix will use the mono mix, fans of dynamic modern mix will use the DTS one. The 5.1 remix is not perfect but not too bad. Some sound effects sound weird, but the efficiency of the music is much higher than with the mono mix.


Some too long and too fast sentences. Except that, no particular problems.

special features

Almost nothing, just the story and the name of the main actors. Where is the trailer?


Nice animated menus, with music and fast transitions. Nice cover,if you can forget about the "Jet Li, SuperStar of Stunt Movies"...

quality/price ration

Very convincing image, a decent remix and the original mono mix, that's the most important. Even if there is no special features, the cheap price makes it a very interesting way to discover this movie.

16 June 2004
François | his/her reviews
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