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A West Lake Moment

main information

english title A West Lake Moment
original title 鸳鸯蝴蝶
aka Yuan yang hu die

cast & crew

director YIM Ho - 嚴浩
actor ZHOU Xun - 周迅
artistic directorWilliam CHANG Suk Ping

additional Info

duration111 mins


West Lake Moment is a romance combining fairy tale and modern comedy. Directed by Hong Kong born director Yim Ho,this film features the hottest film stars in Mainland China - Chen Kun and Zhou Xun. The two actors join hands again to enact the delicate love between a couple who encounter each other at the scenic spot of West Lake in Hangzhou. Though filled with lighthearted romance and hilarious lines, an examination of the nature of love in a 21st century cosmopolitan context enriches the film with another dimension. With art direction by William Chang (2046) and cinematography by Pan Heng Sheng (Kung Fu Hustle), this film is simply beautiful to look at. Zhou Xun stars as Xiao Yu, a cafe owner in Hangzhou. One day Ah Qin (Chen Kun) celebrates his birthday alone in her cafe. Xiao Yu's curiosity sparks off their conversations in a relaxed mood in the cafe, with tender music stir up the passions buried deep inside their hearts. But Xiao Yu has a Hong Kong boyfriend and Ah Qin's fiancee lives in Beijing... What will be their choices? To whom should they be loyal?

Synopsis written by Jan Simpson

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