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The Wesley's Mysterious Files

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Archibald 1.25 Men In Black, ET...euh, shall I continue ?
François 1.5
jeffy 3.5
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Men In Black, ET...euh, shall I continue ?

Wesley (Andy Lau) regenerating...Wong Jing, who's more a businessman than a filmmaker, and Andrew Lau Wai-Keung who loves pretty faces and SFX offer us a good commercial product : The Wesley's Mysterious Files. The screenplay is as tortuous and not very inventive as the title itself...

It's dumb, falsely trendy and heavy as it could be. Andy Lau Tak-Wah as an interplanetary secret agent top cool who knows everything from aliens to vital points of human body or the handling of traditional chinese sword (sword which is also his belt....yup !), is not very convincing. Shu Qi and Roy Cheung Yiu-Yeung as FBI paranormal agents, it's nothing but all (now what, is this the Chinatown FBI headquarters or what ?) largely because of Shu Qi's paranormal accent Rape & Kill, the two aliens very very naughty !(luckily there's subtitles). Rosmanud Kwan Chi-Lam who says just before leaving Andy Lau : "Don't be sad, Shu Qi wants you bad's ok with me if you do her after I leave.", it's quite funny (maybe that's the way of the Blue Blood People after all...)

Actors are border line and not convinced themselves, except maybe for Shu Qi who put herself into it despite a poor english. Andy Lau is just too much, Roy Cheung anyway has a role as thin as its dialogues and Wong Jing finds the way to steal 5 long minutes on screen...and that's probably the worst thing in the movie.Shu Qi, gorgeous as as awoman can be...and that's probably the only good point of the film.

The direction is basic and except for the quite interesting scene of interplanetary copulation, SFX are as poor as Wong Jing's imagination on that one.

In Brief, there is as much care in my writing on this review that there was from all the cast on this....mess. The Wesley's Mysterious Files is a movie to forget...quickly.

28 September 2005
by Archibald

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