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The Third Eye

main information

english title The Third Eye

cast & crew

directorCarol LAI Miu-suet - 黎妙雪
actorJoman CHIANG
Farini CHEUNG Yui-Ling
Samuel PANG King-Chi
Tony HO Wah-Chiu - 何華超
LIU Kai-Chi - 廖啟智
Derek TSANG Kwok Cheung
WONG Yau-Nam - 黄又南
Race WONG Yuen-Ling - 黃婉伶
SZE Mei-Yee
producerAndrew LAU Wai-Keung - 劉偉強

additional Info

duration98 mins


Zhang Liang is a young man who does not engage into any proper work. His secret hobby is to play with all kinds of high-tech candid technology, especially the candid photographs. He likes to upload the photographs on the Internet. He falls madly in love on a young air-stewardess. One day, Zhang Liang follows the young lady Amy from the airport to Tai O. Liang brings his full equipment all the way to stay in a vacation house. There is a nice landlord whose named He Jiaqi. Besides the landlord and the air-stewardess Amy, there are other tenants such as a weak patient Mr. Wang, and his daughter Ah Hua, a mystic man named Lik, a columnist Mr. Kim, as well as a love affair couple Mr. Cheng Jiaxiang and Susan. Liang then secretly installs the pinhole video cameras in the stewardess's room as well as other tenants. Through the pinhole of the video cameras, Liang peeps all the people's secrets. Until he discovers Ah Hua kills her father and also subsequently witnesses Susan abusively killed by Ah Hua, he then realizes himself being under a serious and dangerous situation. Liang hurriedly runs away from there, but who knows the pictures he sees through the monitor are only illusion. Liang does not notice he will become the lead instead of a bystander...

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