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Stooges in Hong Kong

main information

english title Stooges in Hong Kong

cast & crew

directorOTTO CHAN Juk Tiu
actorJames WONG Jim - 黃霑
Amy YIP Chi May - 葉子楣
Mimi CHU Mi-Mi
Tommy WONG Kwong Leung
LAW Koon-Lan
producerClifton KO Chi-Sum - 高志森
scriptwriterVincent KOK Tak-Chiu - 谷德昭
Roman CHEUNG Shiu-Lun - 張肇麒

additional Info


James (James Wong), claimed himself as the master of obscenity, is a uncouth/coarse/dirty joke show host. However, the scripts of his shows are actually written by Kwong (Tommy Wong). Since Kwong has been unsatisfied with the money given by James' wife (Amy Yip) for the script writing, he finally goes to another television station to run a similar show with the Temple Street singer Wan (Wan Kwong).

James's show becomes less attractive since Kwong leaves. He invites Wan's wife (Mimi Chu) to perform the show in order to compete with Kwon's show. However, James' competitor also invites his wife to fight back. Kwong leaves and meets James, who is fired, and they decide to perform the show at Temple Street. When Wan sees James and Kwong performing at Temple Street, they start a fight and are surrounded by a crowd. At this moment, Kwong suggests that three of them should run a joke concert together. Eventually, the show has a great vogue.

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