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Rose, Rose I Love You

main information

english title Rose, Rose I Love You

cast & crew

directorJacky PANG Yi-Wah
actorTony LEUNG Ka-Fai - 梁家輝
Bowie LAM Bo-Yi
Veronica YIP Yuk-Hing - 葉玉卿
Simon YAM Tat-Wah - 任達華
LO Hung
Kenny BEE Chan-To - 鍾鎮濤
KU Feng - 谷峰
Charine CHAN Ka-Ling - 陳嘉玲
Carina LAU Ka-Ling - 劉嘉玲
producerJeff LAU Chun-Wai - 劉鎮瑋

additional Info

production studioRegal Films
shooting studioRegal Films
classificationHong-Kong: Not suitable for children


Notorious thief Mak Gay (Simon Yam) was imprisoned for the stealing of the Malaysian Star. One night, Mak escaped from the prison and reunited with his lover Pearl Chan who keeps the key to the Malaysian Star. Detective Lui Kay (Tony Leung Ka Fai) and Leung Sing Bor (Kenny Bee) was ordered to arrest Mak and to retrieve the lost gem. In order to perform their duties, Lui and Leung will use all sorts of method to get close to Pearl...

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