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Perfect Match

main information

english title Perfect Match
original title 最佳男朋友

cast & crew

directorDennis CHAN Kwok-San
actorGeorge LAM Chi-Cheung - 林子祥
WONG Jing - 王晶
SO Hang-Suen
Chingmy YAU Suk Ching - 邱淑貞
WAI Kei-Sun
YIU Yau-Hung
Manfred WONG
SHING Fui-On - 成奎安
Meg LAM Kin-Ming
David NG Dai-Wai - 吳大維
Ellen CHAN Ar-Lun - 陳雅倫
Andy LAU Tak-Wah - 劉德華
Carol CHENG Yu-Ling - 鄭裕玲
Nat CHAN Pak-Cheung - 陳百祥
producer WONG Jing - 王晶
scriptwriter WONG Jing - 王晶

additional Info

classificationHong-Kong: Not suitable for children


According to the passed director of the Lok's Toy Company, his properties were divided to his nieces Kei and Shing. However, Sing's share will be temporarily hold by Kei until she married. Sing then send his followers to date Kei and hope she would get married soon. However, all of them failed because Kei was fallen in love with the company's chief designer. Finally, after solving certain misunderstandings, Sing realized his fault and decided to run the business by his own hand.

(source: DVD)

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