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Naked Weapon

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Alain 3.75
Anel 2
Arno Ching-wan 3.5
drélium 2
François 4 Cheap, not so naked, Ching Siu-Tungish, efficient.
jeffy 4.25
Junta 4
MLF 0.75
Ordell Robbie 0.5
Sonatine 3.5
Tanuki 3
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Cheap, not so naked, Ching Siu-Tungish, efficient.

2002 will maybe not be such a bad year for HK movies. It will never be a great year either, but with cheap but enjoyable movies like this Naked Weapon, there is maybe more to save than what we first thought.

Ok, the story sucks. But whoever is watching a movie written by Wong Jing and expecting a good story is stupid. It's Nikita mixed with Battle Royale, with cheap comedy, some (free) violence, some sexy scenes. The title and the crew were saying it though. Then of course, the main actresses won't have any Oscar for their performances, and are not kung-fu experts. Daniel Wu is playing a quite useless character. It was shot in english. Ok ok. But Ching Siu-Tung is the man, isn't he ?

Some may underline the fact that there is nothing new in those fights. That's right, it was already seen in previous movies done by Siu-Tung. But it's still crazy flying madness, it's eye candy, with a very good photography and cute actresses. Furthermore, Siu-Tung succeeds again in making not-martial-artists looking like experts. For a product supposed to be exported (shot in english, mixing sex and violence...), I thought Siu-Tung would have done something more realistic. Where a movement in a fight MUST be usefull. Where people fall down when they jump. Where people don't jump every 10 seconds. But he didn't really, fighters still move without trying to hit each time, fighters fly during 20 seconds before falling down, fighters jump here and there without any reason, except the one to please our eyes. Good old Ching Siu-Tung madness.

It's also nice to see a movie which underlines one of the main fact about 2002 in HK: women rules! And women are not inferior. Here they kick asses, and got kicked also of course... Men are only stupid beasts (the rapers...), or stupid fools (Daniel Wu). If Sammie Cheng is the Queen, Maggie Q is the Queen of Fighters.

As a conclusion, don't expect too much from Naked Weapon, it's not trying to be as worse as the worst CatIII, it's as stupid as any Wong Jing is supposed to be, and it's as realistic as any Ching Siu-Tung movie is supposed to be. But at least it's quite a typical cheap HK actioner.

03 February 2003
by François

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