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Arno Ching-wan 2.5
Ordell Robbie 3.5 The importance of being earnest
Xavier Chanoine 4.25
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The importance of being earnest

To be quick, BONG Joon-ho’s latest movie is artistically still above the average of Korean contemporary genre cinema but it doesn’t prevent Mother to be a bit frustrating. I found very audacious the choice of BONG to treat his “Mother determined to save her child” pitch in a manga-like way close to his previous The Host. Just like The Host, the movie benefits from BONG’s ability to handle well its shifts in tone through editing and is shot in a masterful but never flashy way. But, whereas this “manga” choice didn’t affect much The Host, it diminishes here Mother’s impact. In a word like in a hundred, the character of the son is only used as a pretext for tons of (funny) jokes and never manages to exist in a deeper way. As a consequence, his relationship with his mother isn’t credible for the viewer. Nevertheless, the movie works a bit better at the end when it takes a more serious tone. But it’s too late.

10 June 2009
by Ordell Robbie

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