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A Moment of Romance 3

main information

english title A Moment of Romance 3
original title 天若有情 III 之烽火佳人

cast & crew

directorJohnnie TO Kei-Fung - 杜琪峰
actorAndy LAU Tak-Wah - 劉德華
Alex FONG Chung-Sun - 方中信
WU Chien-Lien - 吳倩蓮
composerRaymond WONG Ying-Wah
scriptwriterSandy SHAW Lai-King

additional Info


In 1938, in the heart of the Chinese Japanese War, the Chinese government retreated to Wuhan.

Wai was born into a powerful family that wielded extreme influence in the government. He joined the airforce with the purpose of paving his way for a future career in politics.

On a routine message delivering mission, Wai ran into Japanese fighter planes. After a severe gun battle, Wai was badly injured and conducted an emergency landing onto a small village in the hills. He was saved by Wo, a kind hearted village girl...

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