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Love Wind, Love Song

main information

english title Love Wind, Love Song
original title 연풍연가
aka 戀風戀歌

cast & crew

director PARK Dae-Young - 박대영
actor JANG Dong-Kun - 장동건
KO So-Young - 고소영
PARK Jin-Hee - 박진희
KIM Jeong-Hak - 김정학
KIM Jung-Gi - 김중기
LEE Jeong-Heon - 이정헌
LEE Yeong-Ran - 이영란
JO Seon Muk - 조선묵
producer JANG Yun-Hyeon - 장윤현
scriptwriter JO Myung Joo - 조명주
editor KIM Yong-Su - 김용수
cinematographer HONG Jong-Gyeong - 홍종경

additional Info

duration97 min
distributorCinema Service


Tae-hee dares not to hold his hand out to love. Young-suh used to keep distance from others even if she waits for love. At Cheju, an island of love, their encounter begins among bustling strangers. A short trip starts a life-long bond of love. When both are hesitant and unsure of their heartfelt feelings to each other, could they accept new love after their reluctant parting?

(source: DVD)

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