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Love on the Rocks

main information

english title Love on the Rocks
original title 戀情告急

cast & crew

director CHAN Hing-Kar - 陳慶嘉
Dante LAM Chiu-Yin - 林超賢
actorLouis KOO Tin-Lok - 古天樂
Alex FONG Lik-Sun - 方力申
Donnie YEN Chi-Tan - 甄子丹
Rain LI Choi-Wah - 李彩華
Charlene CHOI Cheuk-Yin - 蔡卓研
Gigi LEUNG Wing-Kei - 梁詠琪
GC Goo-BiBarbie
producerTiffany CHEN Ming-Yin
artistic directorBruce YU Ka-On

additional Info

duration103 minutes
classificationHong-Kong: Not suitable for children


Every romantic relationship goes through a rocky patch on the road to bliss. Ming Wong (Louis Koo), who doesn't know what it takes to be romantic, takes his girlfriend (Gigi Leung) to have a hot pot buffet with $58 per head for their Valentine's dinner. Annie's frustrations finally explodes, the couple fights and enters into an inevitable cooling off period. In a fit of desperation, Ming goes online to find cyber expert and chances upon a 19 year old girl Crystal (Charlene Tsoi). As she buckles down to show Ming how to be romantic, she secretly falls in love with him...

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