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Itchy Heart

main information

english title Itchy Heart
original title 七年很癢
aka Itchy Seven Years

cast & crew

directorMatthew CHOW Hoi-Kwong - 鄒凱光
actor LAU Ching-Wan - 劉青雲
Cherrie YING Choi-Yee - 應采兒
Carina LAU Ka-Ling - 劉嘉玲
Andy ON Chi-Kit - 安志杰
producerJoe MA Wai-Ho - 馬偉豪
Tiffany CHEN Ming-Yin
scriptwriterMatthew CHOW Hoi-Kwong - 鄒凱光

additional Info

production studioChinastar
classificationHong-Kong: Not suitable for children


Truly reflecting Hong Kong people's attitudes of love and marriage, Itchy Heart tells a story of a married man who wants to look for excitement out of marriage by meeting someone new. As his wife going out for a trip, Chi-man's (Lau Ching Wan) desires to new excitement have overwhelmed him as he meets beautiful and young Cherry (Cherry In) and his former girlfriend Bing (Carina Lau). After knowing his wife's affair, he decides to get divorced, without knowing whether he should give himself a second chance to be in love again.

This is a comedy reflecting a so-real reality on marriage nowadays. With the detailed portraits of the characters' emotions, the story itself has successfully created echoes among the audience with its bitter-sweet scenario.

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