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Good Times, Bed Times

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english title Good Times, Bed Times
original title 戀上你的床

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directorPatrick LEUNG Pak-Kin - 梁柏堅
CHAN Hing-Kar - 陳慶嘉
actorSammi CHENG Sau-Man - 鄭秀文
Louis KOO Tin-Lok - 古天樂
LAU Ching-Wan - 劉青雲
Charlene CHOI Cheuk-Yin - 蔡卓研
Pinky CHEUNG Man-Chi - 張文慈
WONG Yau-Nam - 黄又南
Tats LAU Yi-Tat
LAM Suet - 林雪
Sandra NG Kwun-Yu - 吳君如
Tony LEUNG Ka-Fai - 梁家輝
LEE Lik-Chi - 李力持
Phillip CHAN Yan-Kin - 陳欣健
TSUI Tin-Yau - 徐天祐
Serena PO Siu-Yee
producer CHAN Hing-Kar - 陳慶嘉
Tiffany CHEN Ming-Yin
scriptwriter CHAN Hing-Kar - 陳慶嘉
artistic directorBruce YU Ka-On

additional Info

production studioChinastar
production studioOne Hundred Years of Film


"Good Times. Bed Times" comes loaded with the captivating lead roles brought to life by superstars Sammi Cheng, Louis Koo, Sean Lau & Twins member Charlene Choi! After Xiao Qiao leaves her former partner Raymond because he not only has too many other women but also is bold enough to make love with them in her treasured bed, she gets to know Gao Zhi Qiang who suffers from impotence ever since he got wounded in his attempt to catch a criminal. Qiao and Qiang immerse in a tunnel of emotions. Their sincere friendship later turns into a platonic relationship ...

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